2015 Annual Report Page Header

The Epilepsy Foundation’s social media efforts primarily focus on Facebook and Twitter, with the use of Instagram, YouTube, and Google Plus expanding. Each of these platforms has continued to grow in reach and engagement as more people impacted by epilepsy and seizures find and connect with the Foundation and each other every day. Over the year, our social media received 2.3 million interactions by 2.1 million unique users resulting in a potential reach of 97.2 million.

Content shared on our social media channels includes:

  • Educational information and resources from epilepsy.com that help people with epilepsy and their caregivers understand and manage their seizures
  • Posts that encourage involvement in national initiatives, such as the National Walk for Epilepsy, Athletes vs Epilepsy events, and fundraising to support research and services
  • Posts celebrating our community
  • News from our network of local Epilepsy Foundations
  • Breaking news from top scientists and medical professionals in the field of epilepsy research, treatment, and care

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