Hamada Hamid Altalib DO, MPH

Wellness & Emotional Health Comorbidities in Adults Editor

Dr. Altalib is the director of the Veteran Administration (VA) Epilepsy Center of Excellence in West Haven, Connecticut, where he oversees and provides direct care for veterans with epilepsy throughout the greater New England region. He helped established a VA Neurobehavioral Clinic that provides clinical care for veterans who suffer from emotional distress or behavioral problems associated with epilepsy and other neurological conditions (such as traumatic brain injury and stroke).

At Yale University, Dr. Altalib also provides care for people with neurological injury that impact emotional processing, including epilepsy, traumatic brain injury, movement disorders (and their treatments) that can affect brain circuits and chemistry and lead to mood, anxiety, and even psychotic disorders. Neuropsychiatric conditions, such functional movement disorder and psychogenic non-epileptic seizures, are managed in his clinic.

Dr. Altalib is also the director of the Yale Epilepsy Outcomes Research Program, in which he oversees clinical trials and cohort studies related to epilepsy interventions. In addition to seizure control outcomes, his research explores psychiatric co-morbidity of neurologic disease. He is currently the primary investigator of studies examining the neurologic substrates of depression in people with epilepsy; exploring the burden of psychogenic non-epileptic seizures in the veteran population; and measuring coordination of health care using social network analysis methods.


 Hamada Altalib DO, MPH

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