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EHLS Brandi

Brandy Fureman has served as the vice president of research and new therapies at the Epilepsy Foundation since 2016. She oversees all Epilepsy Foundation research programs and priorities for innovation, engagement, and research training.

She has successfully spearheaded the implementation of various research initiatives, including the Research Roundtable for Epilepsy, Epilepsy Foundation Pipeline Conferences, and other Foundation activities to engage people living with epilepsy and families in the research process. She is a principal investigator of the Rare Epilepsy Network, the Epilepsy Learning Healthcare System, and the Human Epilepsy Project. Dr. Fureman serves as a panel member of the Congressionally Directed Medical Research Program on Post-Traumatic Epilepsy and as a member of the Interagency Collaborative to Advance Research in the Epilepsies (ICARE).

As a scientist, Dr. Fureman embraces challenges and works to find solutions that help advance our understanding of epilepsy. Her leadership and collaborative vision have enabled the Epilepsy Foundation to engage key stakeholders in science, clinical medicine, and industry to bring progress and hope for individuals and families impacted by epilepsy. Dr. Fureman appreciates the vital role people living with epilepsy and families impacted by epilepsy play as partners in scientific learning and in driving progress towards better diagnosis, better treatment, and ultimately cures.

1 What 3 words would you use to describe your role?

Innovate, Accelerate, and Engage

2 Why did you choose your profession?

I grew up playing in streams and fields (when I didn’t have my nose in a book) and that sparked a love of biology and using science to understand how things work. The idea that I could use my fascination with science as a way to help other people was really appealing. And once I learned about neuroscience, and epilepsy, I was just hooked.

3 What is your favorite thing about the work you do for the Epilepsy Foundation?

My favorite parts are that I am doing work that is incredibly meaningful to me, I am constantly learning, and that there are so many amazingly smart, loving, dedicated people in this fight together.

4 What would you tell someone who is thinking about volunteering for the Epilepsy Foundation?

I would tell them to PLEASE, PLEASE, do volunteer in any capacity that makes sense for you. We need your talents, your passion, and your commitment to make the changes we want to see for families living with epilepsy. The bigger our army, the bigger our impact.

5 Where do your best ideas come from?

It’s funny, but true; my most creative ideas come to me in the shower! I love how our brains problem-solve – the conscious and unconscious working together in ways we don’t fully understand to find new solutions to problems. These aren’t always my best ideas, but they are usually the most fun to think through because they are outside the box.


Dr. Fureman was recently honored with the American Epilepsy Society (AES) 2018 Distinguished Service Award. This award recognizes outstanding service by an AES member in the field of epilepsy with an emphasis on exemplary contributions to the welfare of AES and its members. We are grateful for her leadership, passion, and unwavering commitment to ensuring progress for the epilepsy community.

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