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Live Well Archive

If you live with epilepsy or care for someone who does, then this newsletter is for you. Download each issue to find suggestions, insights, and strategies to improve your overall physical, social, and emotional wellbeing.

2019 Issues

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Summer safety tips, highlights from the Wellness Institute's Emotional Health Summit, and strategies for independent living with epilepsy.
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Live Well March-April 2019.pdf

How the different dimension of wellness work together, eating healthy on a budget, and how to get a good night’s sleep

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Live Well Jan-Feb 2019.pdf

Coping tips for caregivers, how to prepare for and cope with disasters, why some foods labeled as “healthy” may do more harm than good, and 10 quick things to help you de-stress

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2018 Issues

Live Well Nov-Dec 2018.pdf

Tips to combat holiday blues, healthy eating during the holidays, and dealing with epilepsy when other disabilities are co-occurring

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Live Well September-October 2018.pdf

Effects of stress on your wellness, Wellness Program Manager Jenny LaBaw’s campaign to raise awareness and funds for epilepsy, non-traditional forms of exercise, and starting the school year off right

July 2018 Live Well thumbnail.jpg

Live Well July-August 2018.pdf

Depression and epilepsy, some examples of good fat, tips for caregivers, and how much sleep you need each night

May 2018 Live Well thumbnail.jpg

Live Well May-June 2018.pdf

How to stay healthy when you travel, why diet sodas are terrible for you, and activities and facts to improve your wellness

March 2018 Live Well thumbnail.jpg

Live Well March-April 2018.pdf

Importance of gratitude, what nutritionists agree on, and how to prevent falls or reduce the effects of falls

Jan 2018 Live Well thumbnail.jpg

Live Well January-February 2018.pdf

Introduction to the Wellness Institute, strategies to adopt healthy habits, workouts to get you moving, and five things you can do today to improve your wellness

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Petrina Hollingsworth MA, MBA
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Liz Dueweke MPH
Monday, May 13, 2019