Joyful Remembrance Pyramid

Trish Barnes has one last project she is in the process of completing, and perhaps it is best to let her describe it in her own words.

She writes:

Joyful Remembrance

Early on, comets and other heavenly bodies made their way into the glass, as I tried to fathom what could have happened to Kevin, to his energy, his soul. Eventually, I came to think of beautiful light, exuberant and free, streaking through the sky.  

While working on a campaign to raise funds through the pyramids, Kim Macher and I considered a visual display and realized that with only 20 pyramids, which was the original number created, we were one pyramid short. To complete the collection, one additional pyramid was necessary, to be the capstone. 

I considered for quite some time what the theme of the last pyramid might be. It eventually came to me that what was missing was a way for all of us, who have lost someone dear to epilepsy, to remember our loved ones beautifully, and with happiness.  That was when Joyful Remembrance came to me.

This final pyramid was begun during the summer of 2014, and completed during the filming of Last Pyramid, the film created by the Epilepsy Foundation with a grant from UCB, to tell the story of Kevin's life with epilepsy, and my journey through grief. The intention for this final pyramid is that it reside at the Epilepsy Foundation, a tribute to all those lost to epilepsy. I am currently in the process of collecting names of those lost either to epilepsy, SUDEP, or accidents related to epilepsy. I will engrave their names on this pyramid, etching their beauty into that of the glass.

Trish Barnes in her studio


If you would like your loved one included on the pyramid, please send their name, date of birth and death, a picture (if possible), and a brief paragraph or two telling me a bit about them, what you remember and love the most about the person.  As  I inscribe the name of each person, I will be reaching out to them, remembering the joy they brought to your life, thanking them for being in our world.  Their story, with your consent, will be incorporated into a new book, tentatively titled Joyful Remembrance: Stories from the Last Pyramid. To date, I have received about 30 names and stories.

As of March, 2018, I am still working on this project and am open to receiving names at least until September of 2018.  For those of you who have already connected with me, I thank you for your patience.  I have been slow to complete this project, finding myself still over-busy with life and work and all that they both entail. But I do intend to complete it this year.

Again, if you would like to have your loved one included, please send your information as soon as possible to me at Although I am not sure yet, I hope to be able to map all the pieces on the pyramid, so you will be able to find the name you've given me. In any case, I will also photograph each name, and I will send it to you via email so you will be able to see where it is.

Once, enscribed, the pyramid will be donated to the Epilepsy Foundation and reside in the national office.