The award winning film, Last Pyramid tells the story of Trish Barnes and her son Kevin. Kevin passed away after having a seizure while swimming in a lake. This moving documentary recounts a mom coming to terms with her son's death and how she turned her grief into hope and purpose to help millions of people living with epilepsy. The film is directed by David Schachter, written by Samantha Macher, photographed by Ben Powell, and produced by the Epilepsy Foundation.

“It became clear as time went on that the film would end up being a story about my journey, which somehow came as a new thought for me as well. I had always thought the story was more about Kevin, but in the end, it chronicled where Kevin's story left off, with his passing, and where mine picked up, with the pyramids, and the hope to change the world in Kevin's memory. It became a mission to tell a story about epilepsy, loss, grief, recovery, and purpose. For eight days, Dave, Ben, Sam and Kim listened as I rambled on, speaking of Kevin, our lives, epilepsy, joy and sorrow. It was such a beautiful time for me - such a gift that they would listen and let me re-live those wonderful years of having Kevin with me. Their love and support alone were healing forces, and brought me through the difficulties of remembering those last weeks and days with Kevin. Just when I thought I was at the end of my grieving process, the film unpeeled the deepest level of sorrow, and so I had to come face to face with all the events of the day of Kevin's death. It was excruciatingly painful, yet, I always knew it was there, waiting for me to gather courage to examine. I am grateful, beyond my ability to express, for being set free. Last Pyramid set me free.”

— Trish Barnes

“I am so proud of the creative team that made this film possible. Kevin was such an incredible kid. His mom, Trish, was brave to open up and share her loss so deeply and movingly with our audience. Kevin’s story will now touch so many lives."

— Greg Grunberg, Actor, Co-Creator of and Producer of "Last Pyramid" 

“Trish Barnes showed amazing courage in sharing her powerful experience. This important film will further increase awareness of the impact of epilepsy on the entire family, and it will help us continue the fight on behalf of all people living with recurring seizures.”

—Phil Gattone, Former President and CEO of the Epilepsy Foundation

“Last Pyramid” offers the heart you’d wish for in any film.  From the ashes of such a tragic tale, you’ll find sincere moments of joy, humor, and recognition of a universal love to which everyone can relate.  “Last Pyramid” exemplifies the heights and possibilities of the human experience.”

—Fernando A Mico, Executive Director, The NOVA Film Festival and CAPITAL Film Market


Some of the awards Last Pyramid  won during it’s travels to film festivals around the country include:

Northern Virginia Film Festival
"Film of the Year"
"Best Documentary Short"

UPIKE Film Festival
"Best Professional Film"
"Best Professional Documentary"
"Audience Favorite"

PUSH! Film Festival
"Best Virginia Film"

And other notable festivals we've played at:

  • Independent Film Festival Boston
  • Camden International Film Festival
  • Maine International Film Festival 
  • Virginia Film Festival 
  • Awareness Film Festival
  • Guam International Film Festival

Thank you to UCB for their generous gift which allowed the Epilepsy Foundation to produce the film.