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Tuesday, December 18, 2018

This month, we are shining our spotlight on the Epilepsy Foundation of Virginia (EFVA) and their HOBSCOTCH (Home Based Self-Management & Cognitive Training Changes Lives) program. This program helps change lives by helping adults with epilepsy and memory problems.


HOBSCOTCH participant holding program materials.
HOBSCOTCH client Ashley

HOBSCOTCH is a behavioral, self-management program to help adults with epilepsy manage memory and attention problems. HOBSCOTCH was developed as a part of the Managing Epilepsy Well Network. The program is 8 sessions and provides problem-solving skills to help participants work through memory-related difficulties and other problems. The program is provided by trained memory coaches. HOBSCOTCH is affiliated with the Dartmouth-Hitchock Epilepsy Center and is funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.


This fall, 13 participants signed up for HOBSCOTCH with EFVA and 60% finished or are still in the program. Participants who took both quality of life surveys increased their scores. (HOBSCOTCH measures quality of life with the Quality of Life Epilepsy Scale.)

One participant said, Overall, I think this is a great program. I've enjoyed participating, learning more about memory, and finding ways to try and improve mine.

EFVA provided this program with support from students from universities in the Virginia and Washington, D.C., area.

EFVA Hobscotch

To find out if HOBSCOTCH or other self-management programs are available in your area, contact your local Epilepsy Foundation.

More about EFVA

In recent years, EFVA has trained 235 school nurses and 232 senior caregivers through Epilepsy Foundation national programs. EFVA also provides trainings to day care centers and police. Other programs include:

To contact EFVA about any of these programs, call 434-924-8669 or email SRB3M@virginia.edu.

Thank you to the Epilepsy Foundation of Virginia for the lives you helped change through your HOBSCOTCH program!

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