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Monday, August 26, 2019

Epilepsy Foundation Central & South Texas

Epilepsy Foundation Central & South Texas (EFCST) covers over 79 counties in Texas, including 9 counties along the Texas/Mexico border. In 2017-2018, EFCST provided over 90,000 services to more than 20,000 individuals across 89,000 square miles. This month, we are shining the spotlight on EFCST and the amazing range of services they provide to the region, including resources in Spanish.

Providing Training in Over 79 Counties

“With the help of incredible volunteers, we have provided seizure recognition and first aid trainings to many specialized groups within our 79-county service region,” said Chief Executive Officer of EFCST Sindi Rosales. “Some of these groups include families, schools, first responders, nonprofits, law firms, churches, and many others. Trainings are provided in person, via webinar, and online, so there is training that suits a variety of time frames and needs.”

Find out why Sindi is in this fight. Watch a video about her daughter Jessica.

Since EFCST started providing the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention signature training programs, EFCST has trained:

In the most recent fiscal year, EFCST provided 216 training sessions to 15,849 individuals in Central & South Texas.

EFCST at First Responder Training

“At a recent school personnel training, one of the teachers expressed her appreciation because her husband had been recently diagnosed,” said Sindi. “She felt more capable about caring for his seizures at home, as well as any seizures her students may experience.”

EFCST recently translated the Seizure Recognition & First Aid training to Spanish so they could present in the Rio Grande Valley area (along the Texas/Mexico border) where Spanish is the main language. Everyone who received the training in that region was thankful to have the information and was very engaged.

It is good to meet people who are going through what we go through. Makes me happy to see people who care. – Norma C.

Changing Lives Through Self-Management Programs

EFCST provides three Managing Epilepsy Well programs: MINDSET (Managing Information & Decision Support Epilepsy Tool), HOBSCOTCH (Home Based Self-Management & Cognitive Training Changes Lives) and PACES (The Program of Active Consumer Engagement in Self-management in Epilepsy).


EFCST has partnered with the University of Texas Health Science Center Houston and the University of Arizona for the past 5 years as research partners for the Spanish version of MINDSET. Through this program, many of their clinical patients have set self-management goals that they were able to meet.

Quotes from Two MINDSET participants:
  • “Thank you for MINDSET. Because MINDSET suggests that talking with other people is positive for those who suffer from epilepsy, I am now trying to participate in the creation of a support group for people living with epilepsy in my community.”
  • “It is a very effective program, because through the questions patients can provide information and recommendations to manage epilepsy in the most appropriate way. For example, I didn't know before that many of my side effects were caused by anti-epileptic medications. Thanks to MINDSET, I realized this and could discuss it with my doctor.”


EFCST has a Certified Memory Coach who has worked with patients through the HOBSCOTCH program for the past 2 years. Through this program, 28 people have completed the program in full. Participants are also referring others to the program.

Quotes from TWO HOBSCOTCH participants:

  • “I use relaxation techniques that I learned through HOBSCOTCH every day to help me get through the day.”
  • “My memory has improved since I’ve been using the memory tools in HOBSCOTCH.”


“In our first PACES group, EFCST impacted six individuals with epilepsy, all of whom were in various stages of coming to terms with their diagnosis,” said Sindi. “Individuals have all reported a reduction in stress and better management of their seizures. We hope to continue to impact additional participants in the next fiscal year.”

PACES inspired EFCST’s Virtual Support Group program to better support the needs of the community.

Interested in self-management programs? Then contact your local Epilepsy Foundation.

Providing More to the Community

Woman lifts up child at Walk to END EPILEPSY

Seizure Clinics

EFCST’s seizure clinics increase access to epilepsy doctors and medications for the uninsured. Its social services and wellness programs improve quality of life and social interactions. The community education provided by the clinics at no charge also creates a safer and more inclusive society.

Care Coordination

Through coordination of care, EFCST ensures that the patient is a partner in their care and that their needs are addressed. An Individual Service Plan is developed for the patient and guides support staff in ensuring care is coordinated among the patient, other healthcare providers, and community agencies to ensure that needs are met and information shared.

Sam's Law

Sam’s Law, introduced by Representative Travis Clardy, is designed to make Texas schools safer and mandates seizure first aid training for school personnel. EFCST will be providing training to school personnel, including school nurses, teachers, bus drivers, and more. EFCST and Epilepsy Foundation Texas - Houston/Dallas-Fort Worth/West Texas championed the passage of Sam’s Law, which was signed by Governor Greg Abbott.

Helmet Program

EFCST distributes helmets to adults and children in Central and South Texas who are at high risk of head injury and can’t afford to purchase a helmet on their own. This program is made possible by Security Service Federal Credit Union, Danmar Products (helmet supplier), and the Women’s Federal Prison Camp in Bryan, Texas (inmates paint and airbrush the designs).

More about EFCST Programs and Services

I am really grateful to EFCST. The staff members care for their patients and are fully committed to help. I recommend it 100%. – Esthy J.

Upcoming Events

Thank you to the EFCST for doing such an amazing job training people throughout the state in seizure recognition and first aid and helping people with epilepsy with self-management programs!

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Authored by: Epilepsy Foundation Communications on 8/2019

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