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Voices in the Night

Wed, 08/08/2018 - 18:00
VOICES IN THE NIGHT Seeking safety while others are sleeping,the rest in a dispute with a familiar game of whether the mind or body will win When losing traction will another soul comprehend even a fraction ,meaningless to many but a few keep hope in scope Planning and practicality save souls in print but real people have understanding and offer their own spin Wondering from the middle travels outward, east or west north to south even an Aussie or from across the pond can give hope Giving is receiving simple samples offer light, taken in can block blight,going out producing an unknown grin Faceless names a soul behind each keystroke, varying opinions offer a new vote Hidden bond often easy to find ,meshed together once lonely issues have now found a twin Conversing in space some silent while other seems lost in a race,never really knowing when they will find that meaningful antidote Suddenly interaction can become a tempting attraction ,exposing hidden emotions a new devotion,silent song into a joyous hymn Far apart minds now riding a mutual rift, easier to make light if others have the same plight Randomness can rule when minds are often short, Once a great thought soon will abort hopefully not lost forever if we tug to hard on that string Absent minds left meandering once locked down now offering possibilities ,growing with knowledge now developing with each insight. R.C. This was done for the people who use the LIVE CHAT on this site, I was asked to share this more & others that have been done about or while in the mind set of trying to find words for how a person may feel,think or even cope when they can not find the words themselves,is truly a blessing when we know we are not alone and not really "crazy" :) It is also good to release those feelings thoughts rather than try to hold on or try to hard to figure them out. Thoughts brought together from finding people with similar but unique problems,then finding it is not always a problem but a solution when many minds come together.we truly learn from each other even if both parties have what one were debilitating things ,somehow walk away feeling better without ever actually shaking hands:) I thanks you for reading. Rick


hi rick love the poem

Submitted by titanic on Wed, 2018-08-08 - 23:23
hi rick love the poem

Thank you Sophie,just glad to

Submitted by wichitarick1_5a7dc4f30d6c4 on Thu, 2018-08-09 - 03:13
Thank you Sophie,just glad to share. Rick

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