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[Partial Epilepsy in Childhood] Things to consider as per pediatric neurologist.

Wed, 07/10/2019 - 15:05
My 5 year old son is diagnosed with partial epilepsy. We got EEG and MRI done on his 3rd seizure. MRI was fine, but EEG showed partial epilepsy. Consulted to senior pediatric neurologist in New Delhi, India, below are his consultation details PS: We have started following as per the doctor since 1 month MEDICINE: oleptal dt 150 mg (oxcarbazepine), Dosage: 1 tablet in morning and 1.5 tablet in evening. 1. Sugary cold drinks - complete ban 2. avoid chocolate - once in 15 days 3. avoid chips - once in 15 days 4. avoid outside food - once in 15 days 5. prefer home made food 6. sleep at 9:30 PM or before 7. avoid swimming 8. avoid seeing high beam lights 8. Drink plenty of water 9. avoid cheese pizza 10. avoid white bread ------------------- Please let me know if you know any further things that we should avoid or add in the daily routine.


Hi, My daughter 8 year old is

Submitted by vinu on Wed, 2019-08-07 - 11:23
Hi, My daughter 8 year old is also diagnosed with partial seizure last month. The doctor did not mention about any diet restrictions. We were told not to allow her unattended in the water theme parks and bath tubs (shower is OK). I am glad I can plan on the food based on your post. thank you.

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