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What can people do to help during my seizure?

Thu, 04/12/2018 - 21:51
Hello, i am new here and not sure if i am posting in the right place. My latesf seizure caused both my shoulders to dislocate and fracture. I had an ORIF surgery a week ago on left and my right is in two separate braces but continues to dislocate. Today at my orthopedic surgeon appt they did xrays to make plans for the following months for my right shoulder. Dr deemed i would need a shoulder replacement and he will be unable to perform the procedure so he will be sending me to a different surgeon in Houston to take care of that surgery. I am a college student and i am very fortunate that the dean has allowed my work to be on hold and is giving me an extension throughout the summer to complete my work for this semester as i cant drive and cannot use either one of my arms to carry books, take notes, etc. I meant to ask my neurologist but he is out on a two week vacation. The dean suggested i speak to the students in each of my classes to inform them on what to do if i have a seizure like try to break my fall, turn me on my side, etc. I am wondering if it would be damaging for them to hold my arms by my side during seizure to prevent further damage. Would this cause more damage? If my arms are in front of me like boxing position, should they jist grasp my shoukders to keep them from lifting and popping or would this cause further damage? Please give any advice you may have. And i am very sorry if i am posting in the wrong place. If so, please let me know and i sincerely apologize. -Cait


in the learn section you will

Submitted by just_joe on Fri, 2018-04-13 - 11:06
in the learn section you will have a screen come down and in the second column there is first aid and safety.

They should never try and

Submitted by Simone012 on Fri, 2019-06-21 - 05:41
They should never try and hold the person fitting down, they should let the fit happen. They can put you in the recovery position, clear any obstacles around you that might cause harm, they can check that you are not going to swallow your tongue, but they must not but any fingers in your mouth incase you bite them off

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