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The difference between provoked and epileptic seizures I Need help please

Thu, 04/25/2019 - 22:34
Good morning everyone I have a question and i need help from professionals or anyone with experience u see my mum have been dealing with epilpsy for 10 yrs or more now and i have seen her condition and even though for some odd reason doctors here didnt know what she was dealing with i was always kind of sure its was neurlogy related? I guess and i did my researchs and found out its epilpsy and went to a professional abroad and he confirmed it and she has been eating keppra and things r better her seizures were really severe and happend quite often before but not anymore its so much better thank god this was the back story anyway two years ago we found out that my oldest brother is dealing with epilpsy as well and he has been dealing with the seizures for a while so i kind of knew and it was confirmed my mums doctor abroad as well but thats not wat i wanted to ask about you see today i just found out that my lil brother had a seizure and they said it was due to somthin related to the acid level or somthing like that but u see my lil brother doesnt have the same case as both my mum and big brother he didnt get a seizure except once but becuz he was exhausted and didnt eat properly so it was kinda due to malnutrition and thats like one year ago and this time he kinda had a seizure due to the same reason so am asumming its provoked seizure not epileptic am i right? Or is it epilepitic they said his scan was alright and they did some tests on him and said everything is fine but the acid level or somthing could change in acid levels or sugar level cause a seizure? Or is it the begining of epilpsy? Could someone please help me with that i know epilpsy could be inherted but i feel like thats not my little brother case and also could provoked seizure lead to epileptic seizures later on? Sorry for the long paragraph but i really need help


Hi Ek97,Thank you for sharing

Submitted by Anonymous on Fri, 2019-05-03 - 13:04
Hi Ek97,Thank you for sharing your experiences. We encourage your family to contact their doctor to discuss their individual symptoms & seizure types.For more information about epilepsy please visit Additionally, you may want to contact our national 24/7 hotline who can also answer questions you may have and assist in connecting you and your family to local and national resources.  

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