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Tue, 03/19/2019 - 13:45
I do not have many resources, time or a reliable doctor to reach out to where I live. Before you say "go see a doctor", I'm on it (Appointment April 8th). here is whats going on. After 21 years of confusing sensations, misdiagnosis, worried parents and confusion I think I may have just come upon the reason for all of this. First off I used to get night terrors but now suspect that it was Nocturnal Frontal Lobe Epilepsy (Because of the severity of the symptoms) I still get similar sensations in the first hour of sleep or when trying to fall asleep but to a much lesser degree, I was often the “spacy” kid and could never pay attention and struggled intermittently thought my entire time at school, with wildly variable grades. I can remember countless times growing up where I would feel very strange and sort of removed from my body but could never place it. In 2013 I was wrongfully diagnosed with Lymes Disease after months of trying to place my rapidly increasing symptoms of disturbed vision (aura), inability to remember, feeling spacy, partially lost time, shakiness etc. The results were inconclusive and we just kind of moved on as the symptoms get less severe. Since then the worst has passed but I frequently experience symptoms that mirror some form of focal epilepsy or atonic/absence seizure. Reoccurring spaciness and sort of monthly or bi-monthly random semi controlled dropping to the floor. I was unable to attend school last semester due to what I thought was depression but after learning more about epilepsy beyond my misconceptions, the connection is clear a day to me. I have recently started eating a ton of lean red meat after hunting in the fall and have been feeling better than ever before in my life. I didn’t know why until today I ran across the benefits of Ketosis on alleviating some of these symptoms. Seemed suspect. My GPA has literally doubled in the last few months of eating this way, I thought the antidepressants were finally kicking in. I have spoken to my professor in university who is a PHd in neuroscience and they “highly suspect” that there is some form of focal seizure present here. I would like to know what to do now. I'm not looking for a diagnosis but maybe some of this sounds familiar to some won. I'm not in a panic to get to the bottom of this but this seems like a good first step. I am a neuroscience/psychology student and am amazed I am just learning about this in detail in year 4. Cheers, Jake

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