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Recent signs...partial seizures or migraines?

Sun, 04/07/2019 - 04:26
I have always had deja-ve since I was little but always put it down to being spiritual. Anyway flash forward to now and I still have it but with butterflies in my stomach. Recently I’ve been seeing/ catching things out the corner of my eye as if something/someone was there. I’ve experienced flashes too like lightening flashes but no one else can see. And recently I can smell ‘spoilt/rotten fish’ I forget what I was doing or easily distracted or sometimes wonder how I got where I was. I feel sometimes I’m staring in one space for too long but it only lasts seconds and feel foggy. My stomach feels warm inside too. (A little one in the class I work with has petite mals and his eyes flutter) I don’t think anything like that happens to me. But I find after a while I’m extremely exhausted and find it really hard to focus especially in work and in the end I need a nap after work to continue functioning. These happen everyday a few times a day and most recently becoming common. I do suffer with headaches and used to have migraines (haven’t had a big one for years) and I think recently the pain behind the ear is a new migraine Occipital neuralgia which lasts for maybe 15-30 minutes multiple times a day. Are these symptoms related to the migraine or something else like Epilepsy? I’m due to go back to the doctors as I’ve constantly got earache even after antibiotics.


Hi there,I was wondering, who

Submitted by penpal59 on Mon, 2019-04-15 - 02:54
Hi there,I was wondering, who are the children you work with. Are you a school teacher or similar. If so it would be a good idea to get a complete check up. If you have a seizure in front of the children you work with you could lose your job and it could be very stressful for them to see you so ill.I can't comment on the rest of your health issues but I think a good neurologist specialising in epilepsy or possibly a neuro psychiatrist might be able to help you.All the bestJane

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