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can't work can't support my wife, seizure help

Wed, 03/16/2016 - 22:09
My name is Anthony Skinner and since November 2014 I have been struggling with a seizure disorder.  I had never neurological problems before and my dr still is not sure why I'm having seizures. Soon after the discovery of my seizures I was out on a medicine called dilantin, I was on it for almost a year. I never got any better, and my condition kept getting worse. Finally a dr realized the med I was on was poisoning me because my liver could not break it down. I had 3x the legal limit of dilantin in my system.  I am now on new medicine which has helped control the seizures, but now I am dealing with random fainting spells among other things, my Dr's are still running tests to see if I have another issue or if the passing out is related to the keppra.  Through all of this I have barely been able to work and provide for my wife who is currently trying to pay for two people to live.  Bills keep piling up and keeping a roof over our head is getting harder everday. (edited by epihelp)

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