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Wed, 11/18/2015 - 00:40

hey everyone!

idk if this is allowed but at this point i dont know what else to do. 

On may 9th, 2015 dan was placed in a medically induced coma. This was done after having 13 intense and hard long gran mal seizures in less then 12 hours that the hospital couldnt get under control. Then in june dan was placed in ohsu for 2 weeks for monitoring, during which they were not able to figure,out where the seizures were,coming from. Dan has been intabated 4 more times as of today 11/11/15. We have 3 young daughters at home who want to know whats wrong with dad. But sadly its hard on them and me as well. Dan has been to 5 different hospital between here and oregon. Seen countless drs, no one has an answer. So while we are sitting here at peace health waiting for another transport trip to another hospital. Im in tears because im torn between having to be there,for our girls and to be there for dan. The man that i love. The tears rolling down my face can not express enough on how much help we need. We lost our home in october and have been with family since. I need the help! We need the help. Child care is expensive and every dollar helps. I dont know what to do but reach out and ask for prayers and help for our family! In the last 3 years ive always shown a strong front. But this time i couldnt take it anymore. I found a corner in the hospital and just let it out. I let every emotion roll, anger, fear, anxiety, sadness, weakness. Ive never been a religous person, but this time i have no other choice but to. Myself, his mother, and stepfather randy are at a wall and prayed for answers yesterday. So while we wait for hope. Our girls need to be cared for. I am having to split my time between the two and its so hard. Anything helps and thank you to everyone who has helped us!



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