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Southern NH support group

Fri, 11/11/2016 - 01:25
I am looking to start a support group for Southwest NH southeast Vermont and northern Massachusetts. I am looking for any advice not only in starting it but finding the right resources to make it possible. I can handle a few things on my own just not all. For example location, informing local people with epilepsy or neurological disorders and their family. I personally had debilitating seizures severe depression stress and anxiety only 5 years ago. I decided to turn myself around take better care of myself (exercise, healthy eating etc) I've gone almost six years seizure free which for me is surreal. Once i got a year seizure free i was able to get a license! Got my first job working a seasonal job at a local greenhouse, followed by a short term painting houses, after that i went back to the greenhouse and when that season was over i started at Dunkin Donuts which i worked for 9 months. From there i moved to working at a local university. After a year there i got my current job as a successful businessman almost 6 years seizure free and i feel like that maybe i could help others who are in that situation. I know when i was younger there was no group at all to help. My family was a bit intimidated with it all. It would have helped to have people to talk to that understand, help,and inspire you to realize that you have potential and can live a happier life with just a little kindness from others.

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