Denied surgery

Mon, 02/20/2017 - 21:06
My husband has been suffering with epilepsy for his whole life, for 27 years and this thursday he was supposed to undergo surgery to try and cure him. He was going to have a laser burn off the damaged part of his hippocampus that is causing his seizures. Last week his insurance said they would not cover it and we thought it was only a technicality because then today his surgeon scheduled to have a phone conference with them to explain the procedure. Even after his surgeon tried to explain it to them they still denied him. Has anybody else gone through this? We were days away, we had taken time off of work and were mentally prepared but then this devastated us. If anyone has gone through this before what have you done? we are thinking about writing an appeal to his insurance company which is United Health Care but even then I do no know if it will work.

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