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Dr won't diagnosis w/o video monitoring - no insurance

Tue, 03/14/2017 - 20:54
I started having seizures about 6 months ago. Have epispdes about every day that last at least 2-6 hrs. This is usually seizing, cant talk, biting my tongue, the works but I don't lose consciousness, I'm just in a twilight state. I went to a neurologist and went through all the bloodwork, eeg, emg, brain and cervical mris, evwrything looked good. The doctor now wants to do the inpatient video unit but I just have a medical sharing plan because i cant afford any decent insurance right now and the sharing paln wont cover these bills cause they said its due to an auto accident that i had a few years ago. Financially things are tight but my doctor told me that I have to wait until I get better insurance until he will consider meds or other treatment. I tried applying for temporary disibiluty insurance but was turned down due to the doctor not bein willing to sign the necessary form. Has anyone else hit a brick wall with thier provider like this?


When I was without insurance

Submitted by birdman on Sat, 2017-11-11 - 21:58
When I was without insurance the University hospital I was encouraged me to go through my first EEG monitoring, wait for the first bill, and then approach my state health department and ask for help.  My lack of income/assets and the huge bill helped qualify me for Medicaid. Years later I had problems with qualifying for Social Security Disability because I worked too hard while on Disability income.  I first sought the help of an attorney who pointed out I was not following doctors' restrictions when I worked so my work record at the time shouldn't count against me.  Then I also wrote a letter to my Congressman and I think he had an influence on the process that I am back on government support for my treatment as well as for some life expenses.  Like Stephanie pointed, advocate, advocate, advocate.  Our government leaders need to know of the unfairness that exists in our health system.

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