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Help! I have Epilepsy and can't find free or health insurance I can afford!

Tue, 07/28/2015 - 10:10

I am a 25 year old student, in my last year of college with Juveline Myoclonic Epilepsy. Last september I had 56 seizures during a 3 day video EEG, and having up to 20 a day at home and then lost my job because I couldn't handle working the hours they wanted me to work without having seizures so they fired me. Anyways, I moved to Virginia to be closer to my school. I have been put on Lamicatal 2x a day and Klonopin 4x a day, the last seizure I had was a grand mal in January of 2015 prior to my Klonopin increase but other than that incident they are under control now. My most recent 3 day video EEG June 13-17 showed abnormal of course but no seizures thank God and thanks to the medication I take. In the process to moving to Virginia, I am losing my DC Medicaid and Virginia will not give me medicaid because of my disability income. Disability won't give me medicare until 2017. I work very little, about 2-4 hours a day and 2 days a week. I live paycheck to paycheck and my SSD is what helps me pay my rent. I cannot afford health insurance but I need a neorologist and I need to keep taking my medication. Without any medication at all I will rarely be able to leave my apt because I used to have over 40 seizures a day with out meds and there is no way I can afford my meds without insurance and even with insurance (after looking and comparing plans). What can I do? I'm scared, hopeless, and nervous because the second my DC medicaid is cut off, my life will go upside down. What do I do?


I agree i have been in your

Submitted by Rachael_58da3dc8376cd on Thu, 2017-04-27 - 07:52
I agree i have been in your shoes I had no choose but that's another story. I too was denied and also kicked around given the stupidest reasons. I'm from Chicago. Here in IL. I feel we have it all I have a wonderful doctor and a medical card that has covered me quite a bit. But when I left bills piled and I'm still trying to clear them your always welcome in the Windy City the Epilepsy Foundation Of Greater Chicago can help you. Good luck

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