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Thu, 06/11/2020 - 23:07
Well I am now a part of the static's of a married man with epilepsy. I am now in the process of divorce. Not only dealing with my seizures over all this time, but being the primary "bread winner" for the family. Wife was not satisfied with the amount of money I was giving her every month but she started wanting more. I gave her a little more when she took on taking care of one of our nieces when her father kicked her out. I did not give her any of my work bonuses after increasing the amount I was already now giving her monthly, she found out and decided she wanted a divorce. So now I have gone through three brain surgeries and am living on my own while working and spending time with my kids when I can. Still medicated like most of us will be for the rest of our lives, not know if I'll end up going in for any other surgeries, but I am now single having to figure out visitations with the kids (they will decide mostly as they are teenagers) and figuring out if I will want to go through another marriage again in the future or stay single and alone for the rest of my life. I know,,,, poor Racer, but I know things will be better with now more stressing over trying to make my wife happy and not having to deal with her anger anymore. Now it's time to take care of myself, making my children and myself priority #1 and not my now ex-wife. Time for me!! lol. See all, there is a life after a bad marriage. Even if you have spent 25 years with someone. Life goes on. Later, Racer

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