is this a sz?

Fri, 11/08/2013 - 13:01


I was windering is this episdode is a sz.

About a weeks ago I could not find nmy bed room.  My husband was out of town and my 17 yr old daughter was also at a friends house in northern O'ahu.  Ao I was alone.

Our room is right across the hall from the bathroom and I could NOT find it.  I was walking araound badning into other doorways and doorways and not knowing where I was.  I hit my nose and broke it on the last door way.  When it ended  I was abel to find my room and get back to bed.  I went to the ER the nest morning and got my nose reset and was miserable for the nest 2 weeks.

I am terribly sorry about the mistake but I had a sz at 6 am this morning.  IT was a Complex Partial that went int oa T/C.  Do Not know what triggered it.

My 1.5 yr old puppy named Lulu barks every time I am going to seize.  I also know when I am going to seize di to a VNS.

The settings got changed from 5 minutes OFF and 20 seconds ON to 1.8 minutes OFF and 21 seconds ON.

I do not have hacing hacking and coughing as I come out of it anymore they just slowly slow down and and come to a stop on their own.

I can swipe my swipe myself if I fell one coming on or have an aura coming.  but somtmesiI miss and have the sz any way and then someone else has to swipw me for me;  I weqr the write magnet and only take it off to use my lap top and palying in the water to take showers or wacing dishes.

I also wear a medicalert braclet as well.

One time I was in a movie theatre attemtimeting to wathe the last shrek movie and had a sz in there actualy 2 of them and had to go to the hospital with the EMS.  I had 2 in ther 2 in the truck and 2 in the ER,

THey keopt me over night for observation to wathi me.  no more szs but thouthly exahted.

Sorry this is do long.

I live in Hawaii on O'ahu in Honolulu on the west side of the city.

Away for most of the tourisdts.

I started resping to the VNS in 2 months when it is supposed to take about a year for he efficacy to start controlling it.

Any way I better get going for now.






Re: is this a sz?

Submitted by Nerak95 on Sun, 2013-11-10 - 22:45
It's difficult to say if this was a seizure. Confusion could also be a result of sleeping medication, OTC meds or it could have possibly been a transient ischemic attack (TIA). I would contact your neurologist or family physician and let him/her know what you experienced. Karen

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