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Night twitching

Thu, 02/20/2020 - 05:56
My son was just diagnosed with Generalized Tonic Clonic Seizures after having 3 a few weeks ago. He is now on Keppra and adding in Lamictal slowly in hopes to move to that drug. He has been doing ok, but I’m now noticing twitching while sleeping that is causing interrupted sleep. Could this be a side effect from the drug


Hi, Thank you for posting.

Submitted by Anonymous on Thu, 2020-02-20 - 09:30
Hi, Thank you for posting. Our new to Epilepsy & Seizure toolkit is a great resource and starting point for learning about what epilepsy is,what resources are available, how to make the most of doctors' visits, and howto take control of seizures, seizure first aid & safety. Learn more here: Treatment and how the body may react to certain medications varies for each individual.To learn more about the medications your son is taking and things to look for, please visit: . It’s important that you all are continuing to follow-up with his healthcare team to explore this further and to help ensure he is getting adequate sleep, and if experiences any changes in side effects, symptoms,seizure types/frequency, mood or behavior. You all may want to consider keeping a journal or a diary. My Seizure Diary: a great tool for identifying & tracking seizures, setting reminders, managing medications & side effects, recording medical history, moods, behaviors, triggers, and other therapies or personal experiences, that may affect seizures and wellness, which can be shared with his healthcare team. It’s common for those who are in caregiver role to feel overwhelmed. It’s important to remember that you are not alone, and that you're and making your health and overall well-being a priority. It may also be helpful to connect with other parents who may have similar experiences, to ask questions, find & give support to each other,by visiting:  Additionally, you may always contact our 24/7 Helpline, where trained information specialists are available to answer your questions, offer help, hope, support, guidance, and access to national and local resources. 1-800-332-1000, or [email protected].    Or contact your local Epilepsy Foundation: , find support groups, events, and programs in your community.

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