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Topiramate Withdrawal

Wed, 06/03/2020 - 13:23
Hi, Ive been taking 200mg of Topiramate for over 10 years. I cut down to 100mg nearly a year ago and can't remember having any issues. Ive been trying to get off this drug due to the horrible brain fog and cognitive impairment that comes along side it. Ive recently cut down from 75mg to 50mg and have been experiencing increased anxiety. I have emetaphobia (extreme fear of vomitting) and I've been reading all the horror stories about withdrawing from this drug. Im not sure if my increased anxiety and nausea is just WORRYING that ill get side effects or if its due to the actual withdrawal. Has anyone here successfully withdrawn from this drug with no side effects? Thanks Lucie


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Is the doctor replacing your

Submitted by chiefshelley on Sat, 2020-06-06 - 13:50
Is the doctor replacing your medication with something else?  I too took Topiramte for some time, however when I stopped taking it, I started taking a different epilepsy medication.  One of the things I noticed is when I started to get my brain back, I was angry.  I am not sure this was a side effect or that I started to notice my surroundings again, and without the medication I couldnt blow it off like before.

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