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Topic: Men With Epilepsy


04/2020 | 4 Comments

I am 33 years old an just had my first siezure ( grand mal ) I'm posting this for ease of mind I guess an to see if anyone has had a similar situation...
Family member with Epilepsy

03/2020 | 1 Comments

So let me start out by saying that I love my brother in law; he is a good person but has chronic Epilepsy. I would not be coming to this forum if us...
Should I consider myself lucky?

03/2020 | 3 Comments

Hello everyone, im new here. I wanted to share my story and see if anyone had been in a similar situation. I've had epilepsy since I was probably...
Not getting married for insurance

03/2020 | 3 Comments

My fiancé and I are planning on getting married this coming May. In the last year and a half, he’s had three seizures. The most recent being 3 nights...
Second Opinion

02/2020 | 0 Comments

Would anyone recommend a Dr. for a 2nd opinion? I am a 75 year old male, have had episodes for 12 years. They have gotten more intense last 5 years. I...
Mushrooms ??

02/2020 | 1 Comments

So I figured this would be the best site to ask instead of people who do have epilepsy but I was wondering if magic mushrooms one dose once would do...
Problems in bed

01/2020 | 1 Comments

I was diagnosed with epilepsy at 17 years old I'm now 40 and take kepra and primidone my sex drive if fine but have problems sustaining erection any...

11/2019 | 2 Comments

I was very active sexually with a very high sex drive until about n10 years ago. About the same time I started having auras on a regular basis. About...
Side effects

11/2019 | 2 Comments

I am currently on Onfi, Clobazam, and Lamictrogine. I have been dealing with this for years now. I have tried multiple other medications but I still...

10/2019 | 2 Comments

hey i have been asked to do a charity boxing match but i really wanna do it but i dont no of i should
Monthly seizure

09/2019 | 4 Comments

Using the epilepsy diary I was able to see that my seizures are happening once a month between the 9th and the 13th. This has been consistent for the...
Men with epilepsy

08/2019 | 4 Comments

Hi, New to epilepsy, diagnosed at 42 last September had first seizure. Am taking keppra and lactimal and have recently been having issues with morning...
looking for some feedback

05/2019 | 2 Comments

Hey, im Ken. im 30 and have epilepsy as well have had a craniotomy when i was 23 for a Pilocytic astrocytoma that was in the center of my brain...
Trying out Keppra XR.

04/2019 | 1 Comments

I was on Regular Name Brand Keppra for many years. The main drawback was When I took the Morning dosage. I would fall back asleep. One of the reasons...

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