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Trying out Keppra XR.

Wed, 04/17/2019 - 04:04
I was on Regular Name Brand Keppra for many years. The main drawback was When I took the Morning dosage. I would fall back asleep. One of the reasons why I have not to bother looking for work (I also have brain Damage). To wake up take a pill and sleep 3 or 4 hours was a pain in the rear. Well, I ask my doctor to try the Keppra XR time release. I take the Pills at night. Sleep good. I might have a 15 Minute nap in the day time. It has only been a few weeks on Keppra XR note Generic Keppra XR I can't drive for another 6 months because generics are NOT MADE THE SAME. But I would like to start working again. One of the issues is I am on SSD and looking at the Cost with Keppra and asking my self myself How? If SSD paying $1600 on my Keppra and a little lower on Keppra XR. How do I pay for this on Regular insurance?



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