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Terah's Story .

Sat, 12/22/2018 - 16:46
I have had seizures since I was 14, I am 22 now and I just found out that something is unbalanced either my brain, heart or kidney. Seizures are serious and deadly. It’s VERY dangerous for me to go out now more than ever because mine triggers off emotion. If I’m nervous, scared, sad, angry, stressed, tired or hungry. I could be doing ANYTHING like cooking, walking, in the shower, in the middle of a conversation or driving. My lips will go numb and I become paralyzed. Now picture that happing to me 3,4 times a day but EVERYDAY. I hit my head recently on concrete people heard it. I slept for 19hr that day and woke up BLIND. Couldn’t see, hear or hold my balance for 3 days. Can’t NOBODY say I’m not a strong female? I got tired of being isolated in my home so I got a job. I had a seizure at my interview and STILL GOT HIRED S/O to Victoria Secret. I will get up like it NEVER happened OK People look at me crazy. “ OMG, Why are you laughing“ I’ve had these for 10 years baby I'm used to it Y'all not. End of the day it’in my life but it doesn’t control my life. I’m only 22 and I haven’t LIVED I had no life. I’ve missed out on everything like fairs, arcades, circus and Christmas events because of the flashing lights. 4th of July because of sounds. So much I haven’t done that I’m going to do. Idc about what could or might happen. Being “careful” isn’t in my vocabulary anymore I’m taking ALL risks! Because tomorrow isn’t promised for me. Just please keep me in Y'all prayers - Terah


My son is also 22, started

Submitted by Arincon1979 on Sun, 2020-01-05 - 12:56
My son is also 22, started seizing at 14 and he feels the same thing u do. I admire you and him so much. Both of ya have so much courage and confidence. I pray that both of you are safe in everything ya do. Stay strong and keep up the great work. ❤

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