The Thing with Feathers

Wed, 07/12/2017 - 13:22
Hi! My name is McCall Hoyle. I'm a high school English teacher and a debut author. My first book, THE THING WITH FEATHERS, is about a teenage girl dealing with grief, a new school, an unexpected crush, and her epilepsy. My hope is that this book will deliver an inspiring message to all teenage girls but especially to teenage girls who are dealing with epilepsy and/or other medical issues. It's currently available for pre-order anywhere books are sold, including: indie bookstores, Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and Target. It will be available in book stores 9/5. I hope you'll check it out or share it with a girl in your life! Best, McCall Instagram: @McCallHoyleBooks Twitter: @McCallHoyle Facebook: @McCallHoyleBooks

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