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Topic: Share Your Story

We invite you to share your personal #DareTo Go the Distance story. Use this forum to talk about how you are managing your seizures, finding your best possible health care, and improving your quality of life.

Simple Partial/Focal Seizures??

06/2020 | 3 Comments

Hello everyone. I'll start by saying that I no longer have consistent seizures, aside from the random one about every 6 months due to stress, cold...
Seizures or pseudoseizures

06/2020 | 3 Comments

hello! i m not sure if i ve got epilepsy or maybe pseudoseizures. my seizures are strange... i m alaways aware before and after.. i ve got a feeling...
My story

06/2020 | 2 Comments

Hello my friends , I will briefly tell you my story . In 2007 , I had an Traumaric brain injury that control the muscle of speech . I somehow...
Lifelong Epileptic with no end in sight

06/2020 | 1 Comments

Hello everyone! I don't know if anyone is going to read this or respond, but I reached out and I was told to just share my story here. I am almost 32...

06/2020 | 3 Comments

Hi all! I'm new to this website but unfortunately not new to epilepsy. I've had it my whole life and had my first tonic clonic when I was 18 in...
Dizzy and body heat

05/2020 | 2 Comments

Hads anyone ever felt dizzy for a short time, then right afterwards your body gets hot and sweaty?. I have had epilepsy for most of my life, I'm 62...
Psychedelics / Epilepsy

05/2020 | 1 Comments

I put my story here mostly to serve as a reference should anyone be inquiring about the use of Psychedelics and Epilepsy. It's a rather simple story...
New and just trying to not feel alone.

05/2020 | 3 Comments

Hey everyone im new to this site iv browsed it a few times but this is my first time posting. Im a 28 year old guy been having grand mal seizures...
Diabetic seizure

05/2020 | 2 Comments

I'm new here, and I see this forum gets lots of attention. Sunday morning 5/10/20 my husband found me having a seizure around 4am. I had taken to much...
Seizure while working

05/2020 | 1 Comments

Good morning, I have posted here a couple of times and had a good response so thought I would share again. I had a seizure on Friday 8/5/20 while in...
I am a parent and new to the community.

05/2020 | 1 Comments

My son has epilepsy. He had a big seizure in 2015 and 2016. He is now 21 yrs old, taking med regularly but still has aura 2, 3 times a month. I am...
Introduction To My Story and Life

05/2020 | 9 Comments

I was born 1lb.15 oz. premature at 6 months and at birth I was diagnosed with colpocephaly which is a congenital brain abnormality and malformation...
Worried about my son

05/2020 | 1 Comments

I have a 19 year old son whi has been dealing with epilepsy since he was 12 years old. They are back to not being controlled. Plus in the last few...
My son asked "What is going on with me?"

04/2020 | 7 Comments

Hi I am new to the forum. As a parent of 15year old boy, I am scared to death for him. During this pandemic month, my 15 years old son got his 1st...

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