My story

Fri, 06/12/2020 - 23:47
Hello my friends , I will briefly tell you my story . In 2007 , I had an Traumaric brain injury that control the muscle of speech . I somehow recovered from it but till now sometimes I make some misspelling but I am dealing with it . To be honest , it was hard especially when people start laughing when you make some mistakes . some people who were already known that i had an accident start calling me crazy and so on . I was 12 years old and I realised that society is so cruel but I survived that . After years exactly in 2016 , I had an seizure for the 1st time and my doctor told me the major cause is the trauma that you had when you were kid . I started taking pill , it is indeed a sword with double edged , it helped me but it put me in depression eveyday I think of death that I will die in any moment . I am tryping and in meanwhile crying . I do not know why I am writing this to you . I wanna share this with you . anyways , after awhile I quited taking pill and in the end of 2019 I had another seizure . It really hurt especially in the jaw and teeth . now my dotor gave me the same pill and I am now in depression but I feel it is depression but I am convincing myself to be happy and I am happy no matter what . I love you all and remember to love your beloved ones .and I have a dream that we are going be as unity The united states of earth . Peace and Love


What kind of seizures do yoi

Submitted by Ge0192 on Sun, 2020-06-14 - 04:22
What kind of seizures do yoi have? How are your seizures like? And are u aware they gonna happen? U ve got that aura?

Thank you for the reply means

Submitted by yamimed on Mon, 2020-06-15 - 22:26
Thank you for the reply means a lot to me  . I have the tonic-clonic seizure. I completely lose my consciousness. I dont feel anything only darkness but when I wake up every single muscle hurts a lot and also I feel shock .  these seizures suddenly appear without a waring  . 

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