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Confused about what to do now...

Sun, 09/23/2007 - 09:22
I've been undergoing surgery evaluation at the Cleveland Clinic for some months now. I became an candidate and have my surgery scheduled for Oct 16. I typically have 8-10 complex partial seizures (plus some auras) each month. Then, two weeks ago I suddenly had 5 grand mal and 3 complex partial seizures in 1 day. I went to the Cleveland Clinic, where they treated me and added Lyrica to the medicine I take (previously on just Dilantin). The strange thing is that I haven't had any seizures or auras for 2 weeks now, which is a really long time for me. Is the Lyrica possibly helping me? I had tried just about every other drug (added to my Dilantin) with no success, so it was very unlikely this would help. My surgery is schedule in 3 weeks. Should I delay it now and see if the Lyrical is helping me? I'm so scared since I had those 8 seizures in a day with no explanation. I plan to call my neurologist on Monday and ask them what to do. I was prepared for the surgery and was certain I would go through with it, but now feel unsure of it. Rosalie


Hi Rosalie, Sadly, no one

Submitted by solis on Mon, 2007-09-24 - 18:50
Hi Rosalie, Sadly, no one can tell you what is right as only you know what's best for you. I had the surgery almost 2 years ago. However, my want for surgery didn't arrive until after I had been completely controlled on drugs for over a decade and then, suddenly, lost it. This was the first time I was able to realize the huge effect E was having on my life. Today I no longer take daily AEDs and I haven't had any seizures since the surgery. However, you need not have surgery immedately so don't feel pressured. There is a risk to any surgery and perhaps you might want to check out the new drug combo. You'll know best if/when you are ready to take the chance. Best wishes to you, ~sol

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