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Cost of Surgeon for Temporal Lobectomy

Tue, 02/19/2019 - 19:32
Hi, I'm trying to get an idea of the surgeon cost for a temporal lobectomy in a private hospital. My health fund covers the hospital. Going to see him in a couple of weeks but just want to get an idea to see if it's in my budget or i'll have to wait for public. Thanks,


This is in Australia

Submitted by Shan71 on Tue, 2019-02-19 - 19:48
This is in Australia

Hi Shannon,                 

Submitted by beetle on Thu, 2019-02-21 - 04:03
Hi Shannon,                    Unfortunately I have no idea on cost of surgery. Have you considered going public? I have had 2 right temporal lobectomies. The first was in 2000 at St Vincent's in Melbourne & the second was in 2006 at Royal Melbourne. When I made the decision to have surgery, then confirming with surgeon, I was not on the waiting list for very long. When I confirmed the first operation, I was in hospital only 2 weeks later. I was in hospital approx  3 months after confirming second operation.

The hospital should be able

Submitted by Jazz101 on Thu, 2019-02-21 - 19:26
The hospital should be able to give you a ballpark figure given neurosurgery involves a few designated tests. I know Australia from watching Bloomberg TV when your markets are opening. That said, I am not familiar with your hospital setting/specifics because I am in the West about 15 hours behind you. Best of luck in your endeavors Shannon, medical and non medical. Keep up that smile. :)Best Regards

Hi Shannon, I know the total

Submitted by Jenn0030_5968b3e028e9b on Thu, 2019-02-28 - 09:11
Hi Shannon, I know the total cost of my surgery, but my costs included all the needed testing (EMU,MEG, SPECT, & SEG) prior to surgery, I’m not sure if these would be included under your coverage or not?Best to check with the hospital and your insurance company. 

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