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EEG of a 12 year old

Wed, 12/05/2018 - 03:41
I took pictures of EEG and uploaded it on imgur. can some expert tell me what does this eeg mean? what type does my brother have? i hope you can see it properly Link :


People here are pretty much

Submitted by Amy Jo on Fri, 2018-12-07 - 14:44
People here are pretty much not doctors; doctors have so many rules about how they interact with patients and answering patients on this type of board would be problematic even if you were the actual patient and an adult. Were you the patient and posting phrasing from the EEG report, people may be able to help translate some of the medical speak there (and implications of that). I hope, after your parents learn more, that your parents help educate you as a sibling on ways you can help your family, part of that is definitely understanding more about what type of epilepsy your brother has. Know that most seizures are not emergencies and it's reasonable to ask about seizure response/safety so you can act responsibly. But your brother is still your brother so the more you can keep things normal (not stigmatize any epilepsy, not isolate him from relationships, etc), the better.

I will not try to even read

Submitted by just_joe on Sat, 2018-12-08 - 15:19
I will not try to even read the EEG. I have helped try changing phrases in the reports which has helped parents understand the medical speak better. If you really want to help your brother then you need to educate yourself on ways you can help him and the family. Understand what is happening while he in in the seizure. Know what the post ictal state is, And know that after  a seizure or even while in one most people do not need 911 called/Above all treat him like your brother He is still going to be your brother He is no different then he was before his seizure. 

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