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Gums are hurting while taking lamotrigine

Wed, 06/03/2020 - 17:46
I've been taking lamotrigine for about a year and a half to two years now. I've had no issues so far (which is great), but the past few days my gums have been killing me. They hurt, like not a painful hurt but you know it's there. I hope that someone can explain what is going on. I've checked everywhere for what is happening but I haven't found anything. Maybe you guys can help.


I've tried more than a dozen

Submitted by birdman on Wed, 2020-06-03 - 21:40
I've tried more than a dozen anti-seizure drugs.  I was not on lamotrigine for long enough to find out if it effect my gums.  But I've been on Dilantin most all of my life and when I've been on slightly higher doses my gums start to swell and hurt.  It doesn't happen overnight or in a week but gradually over many weeks I start to notice increased sensitivity.  I think it would  be correct to call this swelling of the gums "hyperplasia".  Look up hyperplasia and lamotrigine and you find results.  The pain is very uncomfortable.  Then visits to the dentist have often been discouraging as they have often tried to blame the swelling on poor brushing.  But these doctors have been getting better at acknowledging pills do cause this.  Keep track of this information in your seizure diary.   Make note of when you started lamotrigine and when the pain started.  And don't be hesitant to let your neurologist / epilepsy specialist know about this possible side effect.  The doctor may have suggestions on dosage adjustments / timing that can help you get answers.  Mike

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No. But lamictal gives me

Submitted by Misjoey101 on Sat, 2020-06-27 - 01:51
No. But lamictal gives me hiccups every day. It's weird. I've had days with 80+hiccups. 

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