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First time neurologist visit

I saw a neurologist for the first time recently to address seizures I have been having for a few years. He asked about my history of seizures and the circumstances under which I had them but I was surprised that he did not ask about my diet, exercise, sleep patterns, vitamin/mineral deficiency, etc. Is it normal for a neurologist to overlook that detail? Personally I would like a doctor to do more than listen to my personal experiences and quickly tell me I have epilepsy and put me on keppra.

 I also requested blood tests which he said "Oh yes, that would be something good to do." I just would like to know more about what is triggering my seizures and he is not providing direction. Would it be ideal to go to a holistic doctor?


Re: First time neurologist visit

Most neuros don't bother with tests other than EEG and MRi as typically nothing comes up on those hat would help treatment outcomes or diagnosis. In fact, for most, there is no explanation as for why people have epilepsy. Unless there are MRI abnormalities , pretty much pilepsy can be classified as either genetic or unexplained. I hear your frustration.

Re: First time neurologist visit

A neurologists job is the help control your seizures. Tests can find out the cause of your seizures EEG and MRI are the primary tests today. However when one has aeveral seizures getting information about hte seizures thenselves help with the diagnosis. I was diagnosed with epilepsy for over a year before any tests ever showed any abnormality.

I know it can be frustrsating especially if you are thinking more testing needs to be done or you need everything looked at before a diagnosis is made. It doesn't always work that way. The neurologist took the information about your seizures and used that to make his diagnosis along with the medication he wants you to use.

Keppra is the best meidcation I have used. It reduces the number of seizures. It reduces the length of time in the seizure and the time to focus (get back to normal).

We hear and know it can be frustrating.

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