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Effect of Hormonal Fluctuations on Seizure Type

My seizures didn't start with puberty (or end with menopause, rats!) but I experienced an interesting variation in seizure type with both of those BIG life changes.

Now 58, I've had absence seizures since age 11. I believe they are the "atypical" type because I always know when I'm experiencing them. When I was young, they followed the classic brief duration pattern but eventually became hours-long episodes of altered - not lost - awareness. 

I'm skipping other details to get back to the hormonal connection. In addition to the absence seizures, I've had two - and only two - loss-of-consciousness (LOC) events in my life: the first at age 15, when I was in the throes of puberty and the second at age 56, when I was in the throes of menopause. These were both atonic (non-convulsive) seizures. Although my absence seizures, which I still have, were never catamenial - I had/have them any time of the month - I'm convinced that the LOC events were caused by the dramatic hormonal shifts of puberty and menopause.

Has anyone had a similar experience?

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