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50 Plus with seizure disorder looking for guidance

I had my first seizure at age 16, am now 53 and am facing some challenges.  Seven years back I lost my job of 23 years due to a change in political admininstrations.  It was proceeded with my Mother suffering from Alzheimers, the doctors saying she only had months to live and I had made a decision to care for my Mother.  If my boss had won, he would have given me a family leave so either way things went, I was going to care for my Mom.  We were blessed with four and a half more years with my Mother and it was heavenly.  My Father simultaneously became ill as well and each of them have unfortunately passed on.  After six months of job searching I grabbed a part-time job as a Bartender/Server in a fine dining restaurant.  On the one year anniversary of being there, I suffered a Traumatic Brain injury and was in ICU for five days with bleeding on the brain.  I have no recollection of what happened and the doctor has told me I never will- the brain protects you.  The insurance company has now said im ready to return to work although im not quite thinking clearly as of yet.  My family will be selling the house i am living in sometime soon and not sure what the future holds.  Not even sure if I am able to live alone; when I was taken by ambulance to the hospital, my family didn't know for 24 hours as the restaurant never asked for contact information and I was unconsious.  Have a great fear of seizing and not being found for days if alone.  Any suggestions?  Thanks for listening.


Re: 50 Plus with seizure disorder looking for guidance

Hello. Here is a suggestion for you. Try and find out if there is any low income public housing available where you live. Section 8 is a good one. My boyfriend and I live in a Section 8 duplex, with another person living next to us. It is low income. We had to move here because my boyfriends grandmother passed away 5 months ago and our trailer was on her property. We could not afford to buy the property so we had to move. So now we live here. The duplex would be a good place for you to live. You would have neighbors next to you and you can tell the Housing Authority people that you suffer from a seizure disorder and would need someone to look in on you. Well I hope everything works out. Good luck and good day.


Re: 50 Plus with seizure disorder looking for guidance

Thank you so much.

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