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This has been bugging me for a very long time.. and I want to know if anyone else knows about this..

Well, I first met this guy in a hospital. He was admitted for new onset of seizures. He was on a continuous EEG monitoring and they were monitoring his EEG waves for 5 days. He never had an epsiode of a seizure while he was in the hospital, however he did show some slowing patterns on the EEG. The funny thing is that it first happened when he saw me. He was fully conscious during the entire time, however this continued to show on his EEG ONLY when we talked or when he saw me. The doctor couldn't figure out why.. then later that week, his EEG showed slowing patterens again but without my presence. The doctor ended up prescribing keppra and he went home. He seemed like he was seizure-free. Then we started going out, and the problem started. Even though he was on the medication, he had a seizure while he was with me - the exact same seizure before he was admitted. I know there could be many reasons other than me, but I just can't help to think that his seizures could be related to me. He told me afterwards that he fell in love at first sight at the hospital.. and that "time had stopped every time I walked in the door". Even when his EEG was abnormal without my presence, he said he was thinking about me. (EEG techs asked him whenever the slowing patterns started)

Not because of this, but for another reason we are not together anymore. We went out for a very short time.. so he only had one episode of a seizure. Right now he is doing well on his medication, and does not have seizures anymore. Can this be possible? falling in love could be related to an epilepsy? but yet he did not know me at all before he came to the hospital.. If anyone experienced similar stories, please share :)


Re: Question...

The meeting with you coincided with the onset of his breakthrough seizures. Plain and simple. Epilepsy can be triggered, yes. Some of those triggers is stress, hyperventilation, heart palpitations, sudden or disrptive change of awereness.....All of them also symptoms of being in love. So no, you did not "cause"him to have seizures, but rather made him have triggers. Good luck

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