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fears about next child

My husband and I are going to try for a second baby, but I am concerned about the birth. With my first, I had a scheduled c-section. The birth went well, but the next day I had 3 seizures (one right after another): a complex partial, then tonic-clonic, and a couple minutes later another complex partial. I don't know if my levels dipped too low, or if the seizures were a result of physical stress. So, I'm scared to try for a vaginal birth. I don't want to have a seizure while I'm in labor or something! The reason I lean towards physical stress as the culprit of those seizures is because I've since had a couple of seizures, and they are always during a time of total exhaustion (newborn colic, nursing til the wee hours of the morning, etc.). Any ideas or advice?Heather




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