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72 hour ambulatory eeg

My son is hooked up for the 72 hour ambulatory eeg. He has sleep deprived himself and even taken his meds later than usual; both of which would normally produce seizures. It hasn't been 72 hours yet, so there's still time. Now that we want seizures to happen, they don't. Any advice/support/prayers would be welcome. I'm anxious that nothing will happen until the electrodes are taken off. This epilepsy business gets old real fast.


Re: 72 hour ambulatory eeg


If the EEG shows abnormalities (seizure activity) that would be good. I was on one and I do not know if it showed anything different then the other EEGs I have had. I had 15-20 different EEGs when I was a kid 12-13 and only 1 showed seizure activity. That EEG was the last test while I was in the hospital and they were trying to find out what was causing my seizures. I had been thru a battery of tests none of which are being done today thanks to technology. I was tired in that EEG I fell asleep and that was when they saw the seizure activity. Other peoples seizure activity shows up in their sleep also so the 72 hour EEG may show something. He does not need to deprive himself of sleep or take his meds late.

Yes this gets old quick but there are people who want answers fast when the answers don't come fast. Answers to many things can be and are fast. Think about a computer you use daily. What do you do if it crashes? THose answers can come fast and be resolved fast at times. Other times it takes hours or days to find the reason for the crash and resolve the issues. Your computer is electrical and runs on electrical impulses. Now what does your body run on? Electrical impulses. Your brain is bacially a little computer running your body and everything happening in it. All a seizure is is an electrical impulse going off wrong in the brain causing a chain reaction.

Relax and let the doctors do their jobs. I know it isnt easy but I was the patient my mother was doing what you are but it was 50+ years ago when there were no computers or a web. We hadn't even gotten to the moon yet.

It sin't easy for you and I know from experiance it isn't easy for him but the techknowlegy today ca find things faster then50 years ago.

I hope this helps

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