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Need advice - does it sound like I'm having seizures?

This is the third occurrence of this phenomenon that I can't describe as anything other than a simple partial seizure. The first occurred about 8 months ago, the second two months ago, and the third yesterday. Yesterday's occurrence began with me feeling very fatigued and foggy. I laid down to take a nap and felt I slipped into a weird unconscious-like state, almost as if I was in a deep sleep. I was still aware of what was happening though, and I think I was hearing things that weren't there. With my eyes closed, my vision was whitish pink. My right wrist starting shaking uncontrollably, which then spread to my head and right leg, with pins and needles in my left leg and arm. I tried opening my eyes and couldn't really focus on the wall infront of me- it looked incredibly strange. I wanted to get up but I couldn't move. I tried my best to stop shaking but it didn't work. I think that was all- but it's very foggy to remember. Finally, the shaking stopped and I sat up and got this extremely loud siren- like sensation in my head with a headache. My ears started to ring. I laid back down and think I just passed out. I woke up about three hours later, still very fatigued. Does this sound like what I'm self-diagnosing it as? Also, don't know if it's related, but I have noticed that the second time this happened that it occurred on the day I got my period. I know I'm also suppose to get my period again today or tomorrow- is it something related to menstrual cycles? I know I should see a doctor, but I don't want to if it's not serious. Thank you for any and all inputs.


Re: Need advice - does it sound like I'm having seizures?

I read your post and thought some.

Simple partials are short lasting a few seconds. what you discribed are more like complex partial and teetering on generalized seizures. I am male so I do not know that much about periods but I have seen ladies in here post that htey do have more episodes during their time of month.

By all means do see a doctor and don't think this might not be serious.

If this was the third time you have had this kind of thing happen then it may very well be epilepsy you have but in order to be sure you will have to see a doc. Some PCP's can deal with it others will generally want a specialist to see you who may or may not run tests. One of the first tests run will probably be an EEG.  If the see an abnormality in the EEG it will show where the abnormality is comming from. The area and seizre activity and the information you give him can help in possiable procedure and medications. I know young people today are going to look up the medication and check out the side effects look at them then think to themselves. With all these side effects should I really be taking this. Well all I can say is those side effects do not happen to everybody taking the medication. I have been in drug studies and in those we were to write down anything that was strange that happened that day. Some of those weird or strange things could have come from the food we ate or the weather of geting a cold or flu. But they said write it down and we did. Also know that side effects are written down are in a smal percentage which is generally 5-8%

Also underdtand that the more information the doctors have the better they can help you

Come back and let us know what heppens


Re: Need advice - does it sound like I'm having seizures?

Thanks Joe for your response.

Question though- since I can remember the events happening, wouldn't they be simple instead of complex? I know I'm never exactly in my normal state if consciousness, but I'm still aware of what's going on.

And I really can't see a doctor for a while. Possibly after obamacare sets in. And even if I really were, and I know you were pushing the prescriptions a bit, I am going to do everything in my power to avoid them. My mom used to get seizures and they wanted to put her on medication. She refused and the seizures eventually ceased on their own. She can tell when she's going to get one and can prevent them her own way pretty good- I believe it's due to an electrolyte imbalance for her... wish it was that simple for me.

Thank you for your honesty and insight- it was helpful.

Re: Need advice - does it sound like I'm having seizures?

Simple partial seizures are that simple and very little happening. Complex partial seizures have more happening. IN some of my seizures I have my hand feeling wierd and I can't move it but it is simple but the complexity is my hand will not do what I want it to. WHenI was a teen my right hand would rise up once shoulder level I went inot a focal motor convulsion which looked like a grande mal but there was a difference.In that convulsion I could see hear and I understood what was going on around me. Understand too that one type of seizure and move into another. Which means my absence seizures and move into simple partial seizures which can move into complex partial which can move into generalized which can morph into tonic clonic whic You may have the picture without me typing the rest.

As for your Momthings like she did do happen but there are many more times they don't happen.

I hope you get the assistance you need nad by all means do come tell us what is going on


Re: Need advice - does it sound like I'm having seizures?

Thanks Joe for your response.

Re: Need advice - does it sound like I'm having seizures?

Epilepsy in females happen more often than not around the period. So yes, there is a well documented relation between periods and seizures. Furthermore, a lot of seizure onsets occur at the start of puberty and also during menopause, so the hormonal component is there. What you describe seem to be complex partials, but you wouldn't know if thery were generalized due to loss of concouousness. I hope you are able to seek medical care soon. Best wishes!.

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