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TLE and Demons

I know this is a really odd title, lol. But while I was really sick with TLE I had a lot of mental health issues. Stemming from what they thought was PTSD to eating disorders, to depression, dissociative disorders, etc. So because no psychiatrist knew what it was and I couldn't afford anymore treatment to help me and nobody could even put a knick in it (because they weren't treating what was really wrong) I went to receive free treatment at what I believed to be a credentialed facility with licensed professionals. Now I know years later that this place had been accused numerous amounts of times of performing exorcisms on girls with severe mental illnesses and replacing psychiatric drugs with prayer. I have done a lot of research on this place and I was going through their counseling model last night and for some reason it seems that the "symptoms" to having demons are almost identical to the symptoms of having TLE.

Is this because people used to think epilepsy patients had demons and so it just got passed down? I mean where does this come from? Nowhere in the Bible does it explain what somebody will look like posessed. But this is what their counseling model describes it as. This place often would refuse girls medical care for long, drawn out tonic clonic seizures and go about placing hands on the girl and talking in tongues until the "spirits" left the girls body. (aka, the seizure stopped).

This is how they say you should know you are possessed

-Abnormal Emotions
-Tragedy and Accident Proneness
-Financial insufficiency
-Inner anguish
-Abnormal Sex Life
-Violence/Super Human Strength
-Self Inflicted Injury
-Functional Sickness (being chronically ill, but being able to function in life).
-Unidentified Foul Odors
-Rapidly Changing Personality

I mean so either I am seriously possessed or I have epilepsy, because I mark like almost all of them. lol. And no I won't name the place. Legal stuff.


Re: TLE and Demons

I can't believe the stigma against us is still the strong!  What are they, stupid?

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