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Are employee illicit drug blood tests legal for drugs that are also be life-sustaining, such as AEDs?

Is it legal for employers to require that their employees submit to periodic blood tests to rule out 'illicit drug use' for some employees, but are also also life-sustating AEDs?  This can lead to discrimination against us for for having epilepsy, since it would show which employees take benzodiazapenes, narcotics, etc.  If I ever were to work again, I'd fail these tests since I need to take 4 AEDs; 2 of them are controlled substances. 



Re: Are employee illicit drug blood tests legal

No companies have been giving those tests for many years. They have ways to check for certain drugs. I have passed them without any proplems. They will generally ask you what medications you take and all you have to to is give them the names. They can see if those drugs are in your system but they can also see if ither drugs are there.

Kinda like when they draw blood to test levels on your AEFs they can look for those only.

I hope this eases you mind


Re: Are employee illicit drug blood tests legal for drugs

I have never had any issues with my meds and passing drug tests. The potential employer can't ask about your meds, either. I do contract work, so I'm in-and-out of a lot of different companies and a frequent specimen donor.

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