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I am currently taking keppra 3000 mg per day and vimpat 100 mg per day. Is anyone else on these meds? I recently had the vimpat added on as the keppra alone was not working.




Re: Meds

Hi soxfan

I have been taking keppra for many years now it has reduced the number of seizures. It has also reduced the tin=me in the seizures and the length of time to focus. I was having issues last may and thought it might have been the generic keppra I was taking but after talking to doc he excused himself for a few minutes. when he came back in he said he didn't think it was the generic. when I asked him why he stated we need to get  the keppra coupled with another medication. The reason my seizure count had gone up was that I had been in a drug study and after checking I was not on the placibo. The new drug was working with my keppra. The drug study was over in february which is when my seizure count went up. That is when we added vimpat starting with 200mg a day. It got the count down and 3 months later we changed the dosage again now it is 30gm a day. My seizure count is down again and this time below the number of seizures I was having while in the drug study.

Keppra and vimpat are both made by UCB Pharma the vimpat was created to couple with other medications and it is by many docs have with other medications.

I hope your seizure count comes down and you get seizure free


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