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My neurologist is keen on me trying Perampanel. I can find nothing online written by anybody actually taking it. If you are are please tell me what it is like. The goal is to add to my cocktail of tablets with a hope of eliminating another. Thanks for anyone who can give personal experience .


Re: Perampanel

I believe I was in a study for that medication. It was to be coupled with other medications and to reduce the number of partial seizures. I was in the study a few months and it reduced some of my seizures during the study. If I am not mistaken the studies started back in 2008 and were to run thru 2013 sometime. There are on going studies with meds that have been out for years.

Like I said I was in a study. They generally start with groups and you are either taking a plecibo or the real drug and until that part of the study is over you do not know which you were on. After that you are brought in to a different part of the study which uses the drug only and I was in both parts. They ceased the study for a short time and when they started it back up I was already in another study so I could not move over into that one because the one I was on was for a year.

Oh and I do studies because I want there to be better medications which will work with fewer issues like the medications I was started on. Back then the medications worked on the entire central nerviuos system and not on types of seizures. Which means sometimes were were walking around all drugged up. I got to Dallas in 1970 and got with a great group of neurologists and after they started specializing the 3rd neurologist aske me how I woke up in the morning. Hey settint 3 different alarm clocks worked as long as they were in 3 different areas of the bedroom. He told me I was taking enough phenobarbitol alone to out the average man to sleep for 24 hours, That wasn't counting the dilantin and tegratol I took daily.

I hope this helps and you get on medications that will control your seizures or get you seizure free


See the new Seizure

See the new Seizure Medication List for information on perampanel . You can scroll through the questions for each drug, or print out or download the information. Hope this helps!

I think that one comes out on

I think that one comes out on April 7th. My neurologist wants to put me on something that sounds like that as well. HE said that there were studies ib 13 to see if it worked and he wants to get me on it if it is what I think it is. I can not find it anywyere yet,

I take 800 mgs of Lamictal, 200 mgs of Topamax and 3 mgs of Klonopin.

I alspos have a VNS as well.


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