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Unsure if I will start medication for my daughter?

Hi There, My daughter was diagnosed with epilepsy yesterday after her second seizure (tonic clonic I think) she is 4 1/4. I am extremely unsure if i should start the Epilim like the paed has advised. To me it sounds really full on and I would be more comfortable waiting for a 3rd seizure so I know it's definitely Epilepsy and if there is some sort of pattern or how regular they are. If she was older I would medicate straight away but as she is always in my supervision at this age I feel it's less dangerous. The paed said seizures don't hurt them it's the fall etc when they happen? Just a scared new mum unsure of what to do! I feel we just walked in the doc said take this and I'll see you in 3 months BYE!!! By the way her EEG was normal. Hope to hear from some of you experienced with Epilepsy. Thanks in advance x x x


Re: Unsure if I will start medication for my daughter?

Forgot to mention, I know a chiropractor who has stopped daily seizures in her son through her methods and we started with her last night!

Re: Unsure if I will start medication for my daughter?

when were her , night, first thing.......after lack of sleep etc?

Re: Unsure if I will start medication for my daughter?

I understamd what you posted

You are scared and kinda bewildered. I do know that if a person what ever age they are has 2 seizures they can be considered an epileptic. I also know that EEG's can and do come out normal.

I know that a person can have seixures and their EEG's showed no abnormalities considering I had about 15 which showed nothing different. But during that period of time I was having different kinds of seozures. I was 12 ans the doctor we went to prescribed 2 different medications which reduced the seizures. About a year after my forst grand mal I went into the hospital and they ran tests.! test was not easy but it did what MRI's do today. The last day I was there they ran another EEG but because of all the tests I fell asleep. In that EEG there were abnormalities (seizure activity}. With the information on the EEG they went back to the neuro angeogram and looked closer in the area and they found scared brain tissue.

If you are to see the doc again in 3 months it is to see how the medication is working. If it is controlling the seizures they may not have to raise the dosage.

I also know the stigma associated with epilepsy. I also know that most people think that a seizure is falling down in a convulsion. That is a wrong way to see them since I can have several typs of seizures out in public and most people would not know any thing. Which means my medications are working. When I was in 6th grade I was being written up for day dreaming even tho I was in the top 5 in class when it came to pop quizes and tests. Those day dreams may have been absence seizures.

I also read your post about the chiropractor. What he does helps calm the body. Which is a good thing to do.

All a seizure is is an electrocal impulse going off in the brain causing a chain reaction. Once the chain reaction is finished the seizure is over. A better way to show you would be to stack dominos up in a line. Tap the first domino and it hits the next which hits the next until they are all down. If the dominos are falling and you put your finger between 2 your finger keeps that domino from hitting the next donino which stops all the others from falling. Now do you have that picture. If you do think of the dominos as electrical impulses going off and think of your finger as medication because that is what the medications are to do. Stop the electrical impulses going off wrong.

If the side effects worry you understabd that those side effects effect 5-8 perceant of the people taking it. If you see posts from people that tell you all about them understand that they are posting from their point of view. There would be many more posts from people who had no side effects and the medications are reducing the number of seizures or they are controlling all the seizures. In the 50+ years I have taken medications I have had side effects from 2 medications. The first was on the first medication I was put on and I was taken off it after 3 days. I was put back on it a week later and had no problems with that medication for over 30 years. The other side effect I had was on the last medication I was put on which was coupled with the keppra I have been taking. The side effect was blured or double vision which happened 3 different times while I was getting the dosage set. The vision was doubled and it was for less then 10 seconds. All of the medications I have been on I was started on name brand and I also took the generic once the generic came out.

So by all means try what your chiropracter wants to try but also get the medication and start your kids on it too.

Generally docs want to see a patient in 3 months so they can adjust the medication one way of the other. I would also suggest you get the diary located near the top of this page and use it. You can watch the video which tells you how to use it and what it can do. Considering it can be used and nothing is forgotten. What the doctors will have will give them more information which they use to come up with different medications or procedures.

I hope this helps and your daughter gets the care she needs and becomes seizure free. Especially when many kids have grown out of epilepsy. My cousin also had epilepsy when she was young and today he is doing fine no more seizures and no medications.


Re: Unsure if I will start medication for my daughter?

Thank you so much to you both for replying!
Why would my doctor say seizures aren't dangerous??
He was adamant they don 't hurt you?
You're replies definitely make me feel a little more at ease with medicating!
I am walking on eggshells and can't leave my daughters side.

Re: Unsure if I will start medication for my daughter?

What he meant about the seizures itself not being dangerous is that you can snap back to normal. Some people get back to normal in minutes, others hours or even days, so the seizure itself is self resolving for the most art, HoWEVER, constant seizure activity or uncontrolled epilepsy can make you loose your memory, impair your ability to focus and learn, isolate you. Also, if you are taking a bath, eating, going down stair, driving etc. it can cause injury. Sometimes you stop breathing when you are having convulsions, turn blue, that can damage your brain due to lack of oxygen. Not trying to scare you or nothing, just wanted to make you aware of the risks, articulacy sudep, someone that no one wants to talk about.

I had also trouble with medicating my son, but now my son is back, he has straight as in school, is in high school sports, takes ap classes. He is focused. Best eishes

Re: Unsure if I will start medication for my daughter?

I know you are considering I saw mine on egg shells many times. As for seizures them selves they do take energy out of the person having them.

When people say their tongue was bitten welllllllllllll what generally happens is when they fall and go into the seizure their head hits something and when hitting ther head their jaws slap together and if their tongue happens to get in the way that is when they bite their tongue. That has happened to me a couple of times. Other then that I have gotten a few scrapes and a few bruises.

It does take adjusting the medication and raising or lowering the dosage to find the right medication or combination of medications. Also understand that medicines today are being created to work on types of seizures rather then drugging down the entire central nervious system.

She is young and and developing and the medications today will let her develope normally. She will do what other kids her age will do

Oh and I do hope you are thinking about the seizure diary sine you can note things that happened with her during each day. If she has a seizure you can write down the length of time in the seizure and the time it took for her to get back to normal. One of the first questions you will be asked if how many seizures has she had and that info will be in the diary so no hesitation and no forgetting the paper that had the seizure written down. I know since I have been asked for years.

Please let us know how she is doing and do post somethng if you have questions you need answers to. I come in here at least once a day if not 2-3 times. Others are regulars too.

We know what it is like trying to get the information needed and we want to help.

Hope you feel better and she gets the assistance she needs and becomes seizure free. Oh and that doea happen. My cousin is proof of that



Re: Unsure if I will start medication for my daughter?

This is what you need to consider, will the medication improve her life?

I am a mom of a son with epilepsy, his showed at 15 years of age. I was scarred too to put him in a medication as I even then knew that once you start taking them, it would be for life ,ore than likely, but after seeing my son going into a horrific grand mal seizure, I decided that it was best that he will be medicated as a sort of "insurance" so he won't get another one. He has been on keppra 500 twice daily and has been on remission for nearly 9 precious months.

Grand mals can cause cognitive impairment and uncontrolled epilepsy can cause injury and death. Please google SUDEP.

I totally understand what you are saying. My son was put on anticonvulsants in the emergency room after only one grand mal seizure with no EEG or MRI. Yes, it is possible to have normal EEGs and mris and still have epilepsy. My son has had so far 2 ct scans both normal, MRI of the brain with and without contrast, normal, one normal EEG and another EEG that was mostly normal with the exception od a 1 second inconclusive wave while he was asleep. A lot f people need longer EEGs to be able to see anything. If people get nothing on a 1 hour EEG, then they can do a 24 hour one, some people have week long EEGs!

Best wishes.

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