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Am I having Seizures

Hello everybody, so I'm 20 years old and it recently hit me that I may be having seizures. I have read up a little on seizures and I believe I'm having simple partial seizures. I have brief(no longer than 3 minutes) sensation in my vision, the only way I can describe it is that my entire vision is "shaking" for example if I were to look at a lamp during these sensations it would look as if the lamp was shifting back and forth, but if I close my eyes to avoid the sensation in my vision, it then feels as if I were spinning in place. my stomach also gets a little upset but I believe that, that is due to the impaired vision/ "spins". I have had about 5 of these episodes in about 2 years. In the reading I have done on simple partial seizures I have read that vision can be affected but in the symptoms I have read for this. I haven't seen any cases like mine. Has anyone experienced these symptoms before. I'm also wondering if these are seizures what should I do? would I lose my drivers license? Will they get worse?


Re: Am I having Seizures

Best to speak with your doctor about this. It could be many things or nothing at all. Better to ask

Re: Am I having Seizures

I agree, this is something to talk to your doctor about.  He might/might not refer you to a neurologist.  It could be something serious, but only a medical professional can really answer this question.

Re: Am I having Seizures

It would be a good idea to talk to your doctor about these episodes. He would know more about what might cause these. He may or may not have you looked at by a specialist. You have read a few things about partial seizures. Understand that some seizures may have something like this. But the issue you are talking about can also be due to something completely different.  Everything you buy has side effects and many meds being used can cause seizures.

Please go to your doc and let him know he can help.

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