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Living with epilepsy

I am new to this site. I am still curious as to what causes my seizures. I saw a couple different neurologists and never got any good explanation. I had 2 grand mal's, both while I was driving. The first one was in June of 2012. I was not on any medication at this time as I did not know I had epilepsy. I hit a car head on and luckily neither one of us were seriously injured. Lost my license for 6 months. I was then put on keppra 1000 mg per day. My second one was October 2013, at this time I was on keppra 3000 mg per day. I was the only one involved in this accident, hit a guard rail, then a big rock and broke my foot. I am now still on keppra along with vimpat. I won't know if my seizures are controlled until I have another eeg in about a month. I'm not sure why these occur only when I am driving.



Re: Living with epilepsy

If you have grande mal seizures you do need to read about other seizures. I say thay because I hada grande mal. I also had petite mal and focal motor epilepsy.Have you ever felt a little wierd fo rno reason. Or kinda deja vu? Those too can be seizures

Been there done that I have many types of seizures because they can all stem from the other names of epilepsy. Read about grande mal epilepsy. I am not talking about the type. Types of seizures didn't come out until the neurologists started specializing

Hope this helps


Re: Living with epilepsy

Hi Joe

Yes I have had strange aura feelings as well. And had seizures in my sleep too.
Just wish I knew what causes them.

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