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muscle twitching?

I was recently diagnosed with epilepsy. I have been seizure free i think for over a month now. I have been taking Trileptal to controll the seizures. But... yesterday and today i have been experiencing little muscle spasms/ twitching. In my shoulder, arm,leg, and chest. They are not at the same time....and pretty much just annoying. Does anyone know anything about if this is normal or has experienced anything like this? Because i'm new to this i don't really know a whole lot about my seizures yet. Just looking for info. Thank you


Re: muscle twitching?

Seems like a partial motor seizure.

Re: muscle twitching?

good question for someone just diagnosed.

Depending on many things exercising too much can cause muscles to twitch.

You did not post the typs of seizures your had been having and that can make a difference too. Also how long it had been since you were diagnosed and when your next appt will be. If you were recently doagonsed and just started your medication it may need to be adjusted.

There are about 60 different types of seizures and yes some of them have muscle twitches. If those twitches are all on the same side of your body they could very well be focal seizures. Focal seizures generally start on one side of the brain which controls what happens on the other side of the body. They can be focal or partial or even get into complex partial. At a time many years ago I had focal motor seizures that went into full convulsions. They looked like and were as tiring as grande mal seizures but I have not had one that bad since 1973.

I would suggest you get the diary located at the top of this page and use it after watching the video. By putting the information into it and either printing out the information of you can even allow your neuro permission to acces your diary and use the information in it to see possiable triggers or other things that might give him ideas as to different proocedures or medication he might want to use

I hope this helps


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