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Propose myself


I'm Sanne and I'm diagnosted with epileptic since 2011.

Maybe you can read that my Englisch is'nt verry good.

Because in my opinion there isn't a good forum about epileptic in my country, in my languitchs, ik try it here.

I'm Sanne, 20 years old, use levetiracetam and my epileptic are most of the time under controll.

I hope to find others who think te same of me, because the forum where I was early, that people were to scared to live and do nothing. Not going out, not drive a car, just sit in home and be scared. Wel, I'm gonna out when I want, and drive a car if I want (and can, I have driverslessons, but is gonna slow...)

O, and I live in the Netherlands.

Greetings, fairy20


Re: Propose myself

Hello Sanne

Pleased to hear from others who have this issue to deal with.

Epilepsy is difficult for many people to deal with. Those of us that have it have other issues to deal with regularly.

The medication you are taking is generic form of keppra which is the best medication I have taken. It has not only reduced the number of seizures I have but it has reduced the time in the seizure and time to get back to normal. Understand that medications are being created to deal with types of seizures rather then drug down the entire central nervious system.

People need to understand that what we have has a stigma butthat is only because what people did to people who had epilepsy in the past..

If you have a dream try and follow your path to that dream.

Driving in the States is depending on how long you have been living without a seizure. In most states that would be 6 months. It used to be 2 years here in Texas. But that can and has been overcome with hte newer medications.

By all means dream and set goals. I was 4 years older then you are when I was being trained to be a roving chef.
I set goals and many of those goals have been acomplished. Others haven't but in order to achieve them I had to take a different road. I wanted to be a chef. I can't not because I can't cook I can't because getting too hot too fast causes seizures in some epileptics. I am proof of that. I had gone 3+ years without any form or type of seizure. So I can't becoame a chef as I wanted but that means I had to go in another direction. I took the things I learned and used them and created a on line cook book which I will be putting back up as soon as I get my .com name back. I can drive but only in case of emergency. I have not gone the required number of months without a seizure. That does not keep me from going out and having fun or doing things I want to do.

If your seizures are under control you should do what ever you feel like doing. Just use common sense when doing some things. If your seizures are not completely under control (not having a seizure for a year) then I would not get behind the wheel. Understand I do that because I would not want to think of what night happen if I were to have a seizure while driving. Oh and just so you understand I have been living and dealing with epilepsy for 50+ years.

Dreams are great as are ideas and goals. Start by setting goals and line out the ways to get there. If something gets in the way take another road to get there. I have done many things in my life. I started by showing people that someone with epilepsy can do things everybody else can do. It took me longer to get to and from work but I worked my fannie off showing people that I could do it and other things. I have been in sales, custome service, office manager. ffice and warehouse manager and a friend and I bought a branch of the company so for a while I was part owner in a small company. It wasn't easy and I have done a lot. There were dips and truns in the road but I got there and have extended the road since I still have things to do or want to do.
Please feel free to come back any time and understand that most of us in here want others to know they are not the only people who have problems and issues they deal with.

Hope this helps and do post how things are going from time to time


Re: Propose myself

Wow, you reactions like a warm bath.

I try to live a life like everybody else, but sometimes it is difficult.

I have good medication, but sometimes i'm feeling funny in the morning.

That means, I have effort to think. What time is it? What was I going to do?
A warm feeling some by my stomach, a realy strange feeling and a moment later I can doe everything wat I want.

When I have a lot of stress, and then before of after ore when my hormons are going wild, uh, time of the month you now, then can it that I have all that feelings. I have different scales for that:

1 Feeling strange, strange feeling by my stomache, confused

2 Feeling strange, confused, ca'nt focus on things like what time is it, not realy gonna talk, head moves to one side, well, just a little insult

3 Light is gonna out...


Since 2011 I had 4? big insults. My first was on holiday in Germany. I just want to walk with my mother. We where on a campsite, in a mobile/mobilehome whe hired. And then, I was feeling me realy, realy not good.

Mom! I yelled. My mother turns arround and grab me. What are you doing? And that was te moment that the light was going out. 10 ore 15 moments later I came by. Other people moved me on a little swimming pool, so i didn't ly on the wet grass and give me a blanket. Everything was looking on a brainbleeding ore something. When the light was going out, my body was shaking, my eyes rolling, I bit on my tongue, and then I didn't move but lay still there on the ground. The ambulance took me to the local hospital, but the fools didn;t now it was an epileptic insult.
The poked me everywhere, give me an infusion with moisture (I had pee'd for that night 4 times holyfuck!) and drive me to the intensive care. Strange was that the had Phone contact with a bigger hospital a few kilometers more but also that hospital didn't think an a epileptic insult. It was the horrible night of my life. I didn;t now what happend, my brain was just exploded, I could'nt sleep because the infusion and the bloodpressorthing wat blows itselfs every hour and the enormous woman next to me who snored if she wants the hole wood arround the hospital go down. Never I was so happy to see my parents the next day... After a horrible ride to home the day after I was back on the campsite (Lucky was it the next day and not te beginning of my holiday) where we back in Netherland. The doctor asks two simple qouistions and knows directly: Epileptic/epilepsie...
And that was just the beginning of everything...
Weeks was I tired, confused and more tired.
And then came insult two and did I get medication.


Okay, Im tired right now, my english are gonna realy bad and worse and, well,
I gonna stop right now. Luckly I have good medication now.

I gonna read later on this forum for people with te same problems.


Thanks for your reactions!

Re: Propose myself

Glad you found this site. Do not feel discourage from others, it is very possible to have a pretty normal life with this condition. Some people have it worse than others, so please see with compassion those that are unable or afraid to do anything.
My son is 15, takes levicetaram twice a day. He is a normal kid just like ny other, he is a good student, has friends, is currently on driving lessons, here recently even had a girlfriend, has friends etc. we were scared about the diagnosis, I won't lie, but as a family we are determined to carry on and not letting this stop him from having a happy and fulfilling life. So fr so good. Best wishes

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